Jackson Township Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Owner: Jackson Township Sewer Authority
Engineer: C.S. Davidson, Inc.
Contractor: Lobar, Inc., and Garden Spot Electric
Completed: December 2019

This project included the addition of a fourth Parkson Biolac treatment basin and concrete secondary clarifier; a third aerobic digester; new blowers; a new diesel backup power generator; new influent, suction-lift Gorman Rupp pumps; Primary Control Logic and Hatch probe system; conversion of a concrete chlorine contact tank to a non-contact UV system for disinfection; construction of an outfall to the Codorus Creek; grading and retaining wall improvements; and construction of a stormwater management basin with forebay. The expansion increased the plant capacity from 0.6 MGD to 0.8 MGD to accommodate future development in the area.

Services Provided:

C.S. Davidson, Inc. was responsible for partnering with the Owner’s treatment plant technology partner, Parkson, for integrating the newest aeration basin and its integral secondary clarifier.  We worked closely with the Owner to design and integrate all other desired upgrades to the WWTP and undertook all the required surveying, permitting, design, and preparation of construction plans and specifications. In addition to the physical plant upgrades, we also designed and permitted stormwater management according to best management practices, such as porous pavement, a rain garden, and an infiltration basin with a forebay, to manage stormwater runoff, providing both rate and volume control. The team was responsible for project and contract management services throughout construction, while up to eight separate contractors – not including their subcontractors – were active on site.

Jackson Township WWTP

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