Cousler Park Improvements

Manchester Township, York County, PA

To meet the growing needs of its community, Manchester Township expanded Cousler Park from 53 to 106 acres. Phase I and II improvements included grading the baseball and soccer fields, constructing a pavilion with restrooms and concession area, water main installation, stormwater management and conveyance system installation, sanitary sewer installation, basketball court, and driveway and parking lot construction. Phase III and IV included grading and fencing the athletic fields, construction of an amphitheater, maintenance building and restroom/concession/pavilion building, stormwater management and conveyance system installation, and sanitary sewer installation. In addition to adding drive entrances and parking lot improvements, two playgrounds, various park amenities, and landscaping were constructed.

Cousler Park, Manchester Township

Services Provided

  • Completed the original 1993 Master Plan and collaborated with specialty sub-consultants to revise the Plan.
  • Design, contract documents, required permitting, and contract administration for Phases I and II of the Improvement Plan.
  • Provided design assistance, permitting, contract documents, and contract administration for Phases III and IV.
  • Public Works inspection services.
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