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Our century-long commitment to providing municipalities with quality advice and professional services led us to create CSDatum, an online suite of software to manage public works assets and municipal permits. This software is offered at an affordable price, with plenty of training and attentive support.

Launched in 2014, CSDatum initially focused on infrastructure mapping and asset management for municipal managers, public works staff, and municipal engineering consultants. With the acquisition of CS-Graphx Permit Manager in 2017, the program has grown to include a comprehensive array of permitting functions to assist zoning officers, planners, and building code officials perform their job.

This software was created and maintained entirely by an in-house team of code developers and support staff working in our local offices. Help, support, and training are similarly provided by local employees with a deep understanding of asset management, permits, and code enforcement.

The software, by nature of its availability online, can be accessed from any location on any modern device with an internet connection. This enables the completely mobile use of the software anywhere that a cell phone connection is possible.

Utilizing both components of CSDatum, municipalities and facility owners can streamline the following:
  • Sanitary sewer mapping (manholes, pipes, laterals, grinder pumps, valves, on-lot disposal system, etc.)
  • Stormwater mapping and PA DEP MS4 compliance (best management practices, outfalls, pipes, inlets, swales, headwalls, etc.)
  • Roadway capital improvement planning
  • Transportation mapping (roads, bridges, guiderail, road signs, curbs and sidewalks, trails, etc.)
  • Water distribution mapping (hydrants, mains, valves, curb stops, meters, wells, tanks, etc.)
  • Utility mapping (electric, gas, communications, etc.)
  • Property mapping (trees, buildings, dumpsters, parks, fences, etc.)
  • Building/zoning/demolition/driveway/rental permits, up to 29 different types.
  • Automated “job cards” and printed permit customizations
  • Complaints and violations of any municipal ordinances
  • Planning/subdivision and land development Plan tracking
  • Owner, contractor, and tenant record tracking
  • Extensive reporting and right-to-know request exports
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