C.S. Davidson, Inc. promoted Jordan Good to Chief Administrative Officer

Jordan began his career at the civil engineering firm in 2002 as an intern in the Bridge Department, then joined the company and developed and oversaw CSDatum software.

For two decades, Jordan Good focused on bringing absolute satisfaction to his civil engineering clients at C.S. Davidson, Inc., whether he was designing a bridge or developing software for municipalities.

As of Jan. 1, 2024, when he became the company’s new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), he shifted his attention to employee satisfaction and enhancing C.S. Davidson’s historical offices in York, Gettysburg, and Lancaster. He oversees the company’s facilities and internal and client-focused technologies. 

Employing his entrepreneurship

Jordan’s career at C.S. Davidson began in 2002 when he interned in the Bridge Department while studying at Penn State University. Joining the company as a bridge engineer right out of college, his early years were dedicated to bridge inspection and engineering work in York, Lancaster, and Adams counties.

An entrepreneur at heart who appreciates the perks of working at an established company, Jordan began looking for ways to innovate within C.S. Davidson. In 2014, he and fellow bridge engineer John Petro began developing CSDatum, a software solution that allows municipalities to manage their infrastructure.

Around 2019, CSDatum became Jordan’s full-time focus as he helped get the software into the hands of over 80 municipalities.

A commitment to internal improvement

When CAO John Klinedinst, PE, began planning his retirement in 2022, Jordan was the natural fit for the position. For a year, he worked with his predecessor to learn the ropes.

“He’s a wonderful man,” Jordan says of John. “He is the textbook definition of a servant leader.”

In stepping into his new post, Jordan was quick to make clear to senior leadership that he was not trying to fill John’s shoes. Jordan envisions his role as overseeing the continuation of C.S. Davidson’s commitment to community service, albeit with a focus on updating and enhancing the company’s facilities.

C.S. Davidson’s three main offices, in York, Lancaster, and Gettysburg, are housed in historical structures in the heart of those cities. The firm has been in York City since 1931.

Over the decades, the need to update the offices has slowly increased. Jordan believes that creating modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing workspaces will contribute to the well-being and pride of the staff. He looks forward to preserving the historical significance of C.S. Davidson’s facilities while modernizing and improving them, maintaining a balance between history and innovation.

“What I want to do is fuse that history and the architectural significance of all this,” he says, motioning to the antique molding and historical details of his York office. “C.S. Davidson has always been downtown, close to the courthouse. That was what our founding fathers always said: We want our office to be close to the county seat. That’s true for Gettysburg, Lancaster, and York.”

Old offices, new work culture

One of Jordan’s first actions as he began working with his predecessor was to convert some of the individual offices into shared workspace to accommodate flex workers. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many C.S. Davidson employees shifted to a flexible schedule so they could work from home or in the office.

At the time, the company was dominated by individual offices with old desktop computer setups. Jordan and John upgraded the technology and the workspaces to fit the new company work culture. Jordan plans to continue that mission, creating flexible and innovative spaces that fit each employee’s work style.

“People spend a significant portion of their week in these environments,” Jordan says. “That’s something I take seriously. I want to have the flexibility to give people what brings out their best work.”

It’s all in the details

While creating innovative workspaces, Jordan wants to update the details that make those areas aesthetically pleasing. Throughout the process, Jordan is committed to fostering a culture that values new ideas while honoring the 100-year history of C.S. Davidson. He’s looking forward to serving the company’s employees and the community in his new role.

“I spent the first part of my career trying to serve clients and help solve problems and make communities better,” he says. “What I’m just as passionate about is trying to do the same thing for my co-workers. I’m treating them like clients, and that brings me joy. I hope that we as leaders can bring that same joy to them.”