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Student Opportunities


Quite simply, we are here to make our community a better place. We do this by proudly sharing our engineering wisdom to design a new rail trail in South Central PA, by volunteering to build a home in the City of York, by engineering a new school or revitalizing an old one, and by serving on a Board in one of our municipalities.


  • We are enthusiastic about adding new faces to the C.S. Davidson Inc. family and taking care of the people we already have.
  • We want success, yet we are not chasing work for empty profits – we are intentional.
  • We are driven and passionate about our jobs, yet we encourage life outside of work.
  • We obsess over excellence and quality, and if there is something wrong, we make it right.
  • We own our work, and we hold ourselves accountable.
  • If this is the type of culture that you would thrive in, we would love to hear from you.


Student Opportunities

College Students:

Internships: We offer various paid interships throughout the year. Interested student should send a cover letter and resume to Deena Trebilcock, our Human Resources Manager, at

Career Fairs: Meeting potential colleagues at regional college and university career fairs is a vital link to identifying talented engineers. Be sure to look for us at career fairs that you attend.

High School Students:
ACE Mentoring Program: Talk to your guidance counselor to find out how to apply.

ASCE: The American Society of Civil Engineers website offers activities, homework help, career guidance, and more.

Job Shadowing: Contact Deena Trebilcock, our Human resources manager at for more information.